Frequently Asked Questions

After our launching of the service there are a lot of valid questions and concerns people have been asking which we've assembled here:

Which Platforms are you on?

Nintendo Switch™ exclusively for now. When we eventually launch on other platforms your account will carry over.

What content do you have?

An overview of our content can be found here.

Do you restrict content by territory?

Not right now. We will add some content that is restricted by territory but our philosophy is to always prioritise content that is globally available and always fight to get global rights wherever possible.

Why no free trial?

Right now the service is in its infancy and part of our philosophy is ensuring artists and publishers get paid appropriately for their content. That said, a free trial is something we would love to offer if we can prove our model works in the longer run.

Do you have Manga?

Very little at this moment but we are working on it!

Hey! you didn't answer the question I wanted, what now?

Sorry about that, contact us at