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In a sentence

InkyPen™ is an all-you-can read comic subscription service for Nintendo Switch™


InkyPen AS (With help from our buddies at Rain Games AS). Both based in Bergen Norway

Release Date:

December 17th 2018


Nintendo Switch™

Subscription Price:

$7.99 / €7.99 or local equivalent

Launching December 17th


Will InkyPen be launching on other platforms?

Yes! We want to focus on Nintendo Switch first but we will be rolling out on other platforms at a later date

Do we have Manga?

We do but only a very small amount for now.

Can you look at my comic?

Probably not quite yet. We already have some webcomics and smaller indie comics but we can't take more submissions right now since we are a little overloaded. We will announce when we are open for submissions though and we hope that will be soon after launch.

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InkyPen allows you to read thousands of comics from a wide selection of publishers and artists on Nintendo Switch . All content is available upon subscription, no premiums, no piecemeal content.

Almost all our content is available globally with some exceptions. We are initially launching in English with further languages to follow. InkyPen subscriptions will be valid on all future platforms we launch on as well.

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