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InkyPen™ is an all-you-can read comic subscription service for Nintendo Switch™


InkyPen AS (With help from our buddies at Rain Games AS. Both based in Bergen Norway

Release Date:

December 17th 2018


Nintendo Switch™

Subscription Price:

$7.99 / €7.99 or local equivalent

InkyPen offers free comics and updated expansive catalog.

GDC, March 20th, 2019 - InkyPen, the first comic book subscription service exclusive to Nintendo Switch, now allows you to read from a growing selection of free comics as well as explore the paid catalogue on the Nintendo Switch. Despite being a tiny indie outfit, InkyPen already has one of the largest all you can read subscription catalogs in the world and is growing fast!

A brand new patch has been added to the app today, fixing bugs and adding features including the aforementioned selection of free comics and the ability to easily browse the catalog on the Nintendo Switch without subscribing or signing up.

An Ever-Growing Catalog

InkyPen keeps expanding, adding another few hundred comics today from existing publishers with new publishers coming onboard in the weeks ahead. As for future additions, Ronan Huggard, CEO of InkyPen, confirms that expanding the Manga selection is the company's main priority. “We’re Manga fans like many of our users, and we are excited to be talking to many Manga publishers and hope to get more on board soon.”

Browse the entire catalog can be consulted either through the app, or on their new website:

We have press codes available for media reviews. Also, Ronan Huggard is attending GDC in San Francisco from today, until Friday 22nd. If you want to get a taste of InkyPen first hand, talk to Ronan, or request a code, please reply to this mail!

About InkyPen

InkyPen was founded by a group of indie game developers in the rainiest city in Europe (Bergen, Norway). Starting from an office the size of a phone booth in a game collective Ronan Huggard (From broadcast graphics company Vizrt) and Peter Meldahl (from indie games company Rain Games, creators of indie hit Teslagrad), a discussion about lack of a (good) ‘Netflix for comics’ turned into something more...

InkyPen’s goal is to create the best All-You-Can-Eat subscription service for comic book fans of all kinds: newcomers and veterans alike. US comics, European comics, webcomics and even a little manga – a large library of comics is available on InkyPen, currently an exclusive service for Nintendo Switch. The selection including many of the worlds largest publishers with great classics and many of the largest brand name IPs from games, movies and more. For an easy overview check out our catalog on our website here:

“We are dedicated to the all-you-can-read model, you will never have to pay extra for content on InkyPen” -Ronan Huggard

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